Club Dream is a monthly membership program where you’ll receive an all exclusive meditation experience that will elevate your soul!

Danielle curates a mind-body-spirit adventure utilizing her voice, guided imagery and auditory ambience. The theme is supported by the collective energy, spiritual trends, mindset expansion and much more.

Walk away equipped with the tools and resources to make the most of your path, make sustainable progress, and enhance your confidence.

And because it's Danielle, expect lots of good vibes and channeled insights as you get the low-down on this month's hottest trends.                    


$299.00 (savings of $60)

Become a club regular!

Full access to the library of meditation experiences. 

One-time Yearly (12 months)


$29.99 / Per Month

Join the club on a monthly basis!

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Not ready to join the club, but still want to center yourself into the current cosmic energy?


Receive the audio recording of the most recent Club Dream channeled experience. One-time purchase.