Do you ever get lost in your imagination or find yourself drifting off into your dreams at random moments?

Me too.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a dreamer. I would find comfort in looking up at night and getting lost in the stars or drift off into a far-off land instead of paying attention in class.

Yet in spite of the joy my fantasies provided me, I was never really sure if they'd actually come true. Little did I know what the power of meditation and having a clear alignment of my desires could provide me… Visualization and imagination plays a key role within the span of our soul’s evolution. And when we go to an altered state via meditation, we have access to a whole library of our purpose, how we show up in the world, and what's actually holding us back. 

This is why you may feel so connected to your dreams as there is a biological rhythm at play, the imagery you curate in your mind is actually meant to come to form. It means something to you because it is meant to have meaning here on earth.

Within the journey of our altered dream state, there is an opportunity for it to parallel your current experience . When you learn to harmonize with the two, your life finds more meaning and depth. Accessing your subconscious desires through meditation provides you with opportunities to start fresh, manifest, let go, and surrender into your dreams. Like how your soul always envisioned it.

Through fostering a trance like state while in a supported, safe environment, I believe you can shift your experience of life into one that is more purposeful, satisfying, and FUN!  Having this awareness gives one an intuitive sense of timing and managing their life more efficiently + effortlessly!

This is how Club Dream came to be.

Whether guiding a private client, hosting a workshop, Moon circle, or leading a Kundalini Yoga class, the first thing out of someone's mouth was "you helped me access a part of myself I never knew existed" or "that was an experience I can't even put into words!"  And they continued through their week feeling more confident, aware, and empowered.  

That’s why I created Club Dream, a monthly membership program where you’ll receive an all exclusive meditation experience to elevate your soul! 

By joining the Virtual Party, here is just some of what you may encounter:

  • Experience visualization journeying to access your soul’s deepest desires
  • Intention setting through journaling and manifestation
  • Participate in meditative breathing exercises
  • Incorporate restorative movement to promote flexibility and relaxation
  • Learn the details surrounding Astrological trends PLUS a channel message specific to your sign each month.
  • Release + surrender to unleash your highest potential!
  • Monthly LIVE events with Danielle to tap into the current energy and rejuvenate your soul.

Your experience will be held in a private portal and you'll be updated via email when it's available. The average length of each experience will be 45-60 minutes.


 Receive up to one meditation experience every month

Monthly: $29.99 (reoccuring payment, cancel anytime)

One-time Yearly (12 months): $299.99

Upon joining, you'll be directed to our digital hub where you'll have immediate access to your official library of radical audio tracks, videos + journaling exercises to raise your energy and visualize a whole new way of showing up in the world. 

New experiences will be added monthly and can be done at any time.