Macho Macho Astro-Man

Star Slander: The Cosmic Lowdown

The face of Astrology is quickly changing... no longer is it just an amusing horoscope in the back of the paper nor a topic for purely for entertainment...

With the rise of Moon circles and people awakening wanting to know more, Astrology is truly becoming a powerful tool in our collective...

Our Western world tried to keep it masculine, subjecting us only to our Sun (masculine) sign. While that holds a token of information, it's not enough. We need the feminine, we must understand our moon and the rest of what our chart entails...

This episode explores how emasculated the Zodiac has been and why the tides are finally changing.

You'll discover the underlying layers of the cosmos, why it's my go-to Astrology, and also how to uncover more of your own natal chart.

The Second Coming of the Full Moon

Star Slander: The Cosmic Lowdown

There are rare cosmic occasions where the Moon will light up our sky in such a way that it can bring rapid change and success in your life.

The Full Moon on January 31, 2018 is one of those times. The cosmos are having a Super Bowl of their own with this one! This is the second Full Moon of January along with a Lunar Eclipse and happening close to our earth in the sign of Leo. 

This is a time for us to launch forward our deepest goals and see our dreams come to form. Danielle takes you back to her last experience with this transit as well as how you can take advantage of this current one. You'll be over the moon with joy that you listened!