Is the Ego Really the Problem?

This week's lowdown questions if you are really at the forefront of your desires or just hiding behind them? How do you really know if your ego is causing your problems or something else? Plus, Danielle uncovers the reason why you're actually good at manifesting, just still super blocked. Plus D shares how she lost her virginity... it was no laughing matter!

Soulful Strategy with Lexi D'Angelo

Danielle brings in Soulful Strategist Lexi D'Angelo for this girl-on-girl episode with conversation that is curated to help you look at your goals with a clear focus as well as have some fun on the side!

The two go deep on the dilemma many multi-passionate leaders face when they are so overwhelmed by their infinite talents and ideas that nothing seems to actually move forward. Lexi breaks down how to systemize your business so it makes sense not only to you but the rest of the world so as to monetize + grow your unique craft. 

They also discuss blending everyday magic with the people outside of your circle plus how Lexi is practically living out the modern day version of Bewitched with her husband Jake and 2 dogs.

To continue with tonight's guest, go to: www.lexidangelo.com

Worth Every Million with Amanda Frances

Danielle and Amanda make it very clear that sex + money are two of their favorite things in this girl-on-girl episode.

Money is a ultimately a resource that supports what you're here to do and yet we make it way more complicated. Same with sex. Why is it that we make the things we desire a taboo topic?

Joined by self-made millionaire + success coach Amanda Frances, Danielle uncovers what's keeping you stuck from living on purpose and the real way to get what you want without having to convince the universe.

Get ready for a-ha moments, why Danielle would swipe right for Jesus and Amanda's favorite late-night job.

This episode is sponsored by the Money Mentality Makeover Course. 

Waitlist: www.bit.ly/moneymakeover88

Drop the Money Struggle: http://amandafrances.com/cmd.php?Clk=5591895

Macho Macho Astro-Man

Star Slander: The Cosmic Lowdown

The face of Astrology is quickly changing... no longer is it just an amusing horoscope in the back of the paper nor a topic for purely for entertainment...

With the rise of Moon circles and people awakening wanting to know more, Astrology is truly becoming a powerful tool in our collective...

Our Western world tried to keep it masculine, subjecting us only to our Sun (masculine) sign. While that holds a token of information, it's not enough. We need the feminine, we must understand our moon and the rest of what our chart entails...

This episode explores how emasculated the Zodiac has been and why the tides are finally changing.

You'll discover the underlying layers of the cosmos, why it's my go-to Astrology, and also how to uncover more of your own natal chart.

The Worthiness Wound with Thais Sky

Provocative and brilliant is pretty much the sum of this girl-on-girl episode.

Danielle + Thais go deep into exploring why our ego gets so darn resistant to doing the work and how a positive mindset doesn't always guarantee success, even in the spiritual world. You'll also learn how to process your emotions beyond surface level tools for sustainable happiness as well as how to stop playing small so you can freaking make an impact in the world already!

This episode is sponsored by the transformational program, Worthy Women Rise.

Meet Thais Sky: Two parts sass, one part straight up truth talk. Thais is a motivational speaker, author, women’s leadership coach and feminist on a heart-led mission to support the seekers, the visionaries, and the "why the heck do I feel so broken” of the world reclaim their sense of belonging by learning how to explore, trust and express themselves unapologetically. Based on her own healing journey and decades of research and mentoring women worldwide, she has developed a comprehensive model that explores and offers tools/skills to heal the pervasive sense of unworthiness within women, what she calls the worthiness wound. She received a prestigious first-class degree in Management and has studied spiritual psychology, yoga, and leadership for over 10 years. Washingtonian Magazine named her as one of the top “8 bloggers to know.” The Huffington Post calls her “an inspirational woman” and she was nominated for Forbes Magazine 30 under 30 award. You can learn more about her and her online offerings at IamThaisSky.com and just about everywhere on social media, because #millennial at @IamThaisSky.


Meet the Urban Gypsy [Debut Episode]

In this intro episode, Danielle shares a bit of her past and how she made it through the confusion of society to find her own truth as well as a life that is of her own design.

Having experienced her own wicked layers of self-doubt, judgement, and fear of discovering her purpose, she now provides what she calls "life support" for individuals ready to take the leap and boldly step into their fate. Her no nonsense approach to self help + empowerment gives you permission to move forward with your dreams on your terms.

Sit back, relax and let this new show + host light up your soul.