Do you gaze up at the Moon at night and gaze upon the stars?

Me too.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been enchanted by the Moon and it’s luminous ways. I would find comfort in looking up at night and see it’s larger than life essence glowing back at me.

Yet in spite of the nurture the Moon provided me, it was still very much a mystery. Little did I know what a spell it constantly casts on us all until I started tapping into my feminine spirit as well as the energy of the cosmos… The Moon plays a key role within the span of our soul’s evolution. It governs our feminine and emotions while guides our intuition and secret thoughts and feelings about people and situations. It provides a sense of comfort and coming home, which is why it’s associated with the Mother archetype.

The Moon rotates in relation to the gravitational pull from the Earth. This is why you may feel so connected to the Moon as there is a biological rhythm at play. It also creates the ocean tides and mirrors the ebb & flows in our emotional states.

The Moon’s journey parallels our own in that there is birth, death, and re-birth. When you learn to harmonize with this flow, your life finds more meaning and depth. Following the cycles of the Moon provide you with opportunities to start fresh, manifest, let go, and surrender into your dreams.

The Moon moves at a faster pace than that of the Sun. It takes 28-29 days to complete a lunar cycle. It starts fresh with the New Moon and reaches Full at the midway point before decreasing down again. As the Moon completes a cycle, it also moves through all 12 Astrological signs. We can compare the Moon phase to the Astrology sign it’s in to receive more guidance on how we may feel or what action we should take forward.

This is how Moon rituals and circles came to be and are growing in popularity. They make working with the moon’s energy fun, relatable, and super powerful for manifesting! The moon phases also keep you on track with your goals and a better understanding your soul desires!

The more one becomes in sync with the Moon cycles, the stronger connection you will have to the cosmic flow of the universe and the planetary influences. Having this awareness gives one an intuitive sense of timing and managing their life more efficiently + effortlessly!

That’s why I created the Cosmic Moon Club, a monthly membership program where you’ll receive an all exclusive Moon Ritual Circle + Meditation mp3 before the onset of every New Moon and Full Moon! 

By joining the Virtual Moon Circle

  • Understand the Astrological connection
  • Learn the details surrounding the current moon phase
  • Participate in meditative breathing exercises
  • Experience visualization journeying to access your soul’s deepest desires
  • Incorporate restorative movement to promote flexibility and relaxation
  • Intention setting through journaling and manifestation
  • Release + surrender to unleash your highest potential!

Your Virtual Moon Circle mp3 will arrive via email 24 hours prior to eve of the New or Full Moon cycle. The average length of each circle will be 45-60 minutes.


 Receive one New Moon + one Full Moon every month

Monthly: $29.99 (reoccuring payment, cancel anytime)

One-time Yearly (12 months): $299.99

Upon joining, you will be directed to our digital hub where you will have immediate access to your official Moon Calendar to track each New + Full Moon plus the Astrology sign it’s in.  You’ll also receive a PDF guide explaining everything you need to know in order to maximize your Virtual Moon Circle experience, including how to create a sacred space and more details on what the New + Full Moon actually entail.