Unlock your talents, potential, and increase your confidence! This ancient technology has been used to help individuals elevate their love life, a fulfilling career, access their abundance, and improved health. This cosmic system also provides a gateway for us to see our undiscovered fears and blocks keeping us back from unleashing on life. 

Danielle has been fascinated by Astrology and studying it since she was a little girl and learned of her destiny as a Leo. She has used it personally as a tool to discover her true path, more expansive relationships, and elevate her business, and it’s with pure joy that she can do the same for others too!

All Astrology sessions are held via the phone and include a recorded mp3.

*Due to popularity, Astrology sessions may be up to a 3 week waiting period. Please reach out for expedited services.

Astrology Assessment

$250, 60 minutes

Super enlightening session to explore your soul’s mission, personality traits, life goals, and perceived blocks. Danielle will guide you to a more cohesive understanding of your birth chart, including your sun, moon, and rising sign as well as how the alignment of the planets relates to you. There will be space to answer your questions as well as forecast key cosmic trends to be ready for! Intuitive coaching may be weaved in as well to enhance your experience and expansion. The session is held via the phone and includes a recorded audio mp3.

35 Minute or 90 Minute sessions available

Cosmic Planning Session

You know there is something to planning your business based on what’s going on in the cosmos however you have no idea how to implement on your own! That’s where Danielle can come in to access your business needs as they align to the astrological trends and influences. This is the go-to tool that highly successful entrepreneurs and coaches use to optimize their business for maximum growth, monetization, and efficiency. This is your opportunity to avoid disastrous launches, IT glitches, uninterested clients, and overall burnout!

You’ll start with an intake form to clarify your upcoming projects and business goals as well as provide information to uncover your birth chart. Following, we’ll team up for a 90-minute session over the phone to explore your chart; highlighting your strengths as a leader in your industry as well as any perceived setbacks or blocks from obtaining your big desires. Next, we’ll go deeper into the strategy of your business as we solidify key dates and periods of abundance that are best aligned with the astrological forecast. We’ll also note the times to ease back and take time off from your work life. Following the session, you’ll receive an mp3 recording of our call as well as a beautifully crafted 50 page guide to Astrology that includes a written plan of action that coincides with your strategy and goals as they relate to the cosmic energy. The report will include upcoming New and Full Moons, retrograde cycles, and other trends you need to know about specifically based off of your birth chart.

60 Minutes @ $395

90 Minutes @ $595

Astro-Mapping Session $188

Use locational Astrology to uncover where you are meant to be in the world! Danielle will utilize your birth chart + cosmic data surrounding 3 places of your choosing. You'll also receive a detailed summary of your top cities (at least 10+) around the globe for health + healing, functionality, romance, prosperity, vacation, home base, and more!

Relationship/Family Compatibility Session $315, 75 minutes

Curious to know how the stars align in your romantic relationship or family dynamic? Using you and your partner’s birth chart’s (or children's!), we’ll determine your compatibility levels including your strengths and areas for improvements. Having this awareness creates a more streamlined bond in your relationship as well as effective communication and emotional support. Both partners do not need to be present. The session is held via the phone and includes a recorded audio mp3.

“I am so thankful for Danielle Mercurio's cosmic astrology planning sessions. 

When I first reached out to Danielle, I was in the middle of a digital course launch. Unbeknownst to me, I was launching during effing eclipse season! Apparently, retrogrades and eclipses hit me really hard this year. 

Externally the launch appeared to be going fine, internally, I was on the struggle bus. Every weird scheduling and tech thing that could go wrong, did go wrong. My team and I wasted so much time and energy trying to launch during a time where I should have been resting. 

Obviously, Danielle and I scheduled a call to plan the rest of my year. She told me when to take off and focus on playing/enjoying my life and when to focus on business and let the cosmic energy around me multiply my efforts. 

It has made the biggest difference in my life and business. With Danielle's guidance I finally took some real time off. I am resting when it's best for me to be resting and going big when it's best to be going big. Everything flows! 

There is so much more grace and ease around my schedule, trips, launches and life.”


"Danielle has such a divine, unique  way of connecting with one's soul. Her warm, loving energy put me at ease when I had my first reading with her - I was able to tune in almost immediately.  Her astrology guidance offered me clarity and a deeper understanding of my  spiritual path and  my life's purpose - it was if she dove into my heart, gathered all desires and wishes I've kept hidden deep down and brought them to surface, busting through my ego and fears. Cannot rave enough!  I loved her, my time with her and so look forward to my next follow-up!" 


I had never looked up my chart before and I was blown away. Life made so much sense, you even had the month of my divorce pegged! You are a true gem and you're officially on my healing/spiritual team. Thank you so much for the insights and projections, it is so right on with events going on in my life. 


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