You've felt that mysterious flow of energy surge within you - filling you with business insight and clarity unmatched by anything else.

You've heard there are times great for launching, and other times better for re-evaluating

You know that when you sync up with the moon, miracles happen...

And the time has come for the mysterious veil between you and the movement of the cosmos to be lifted. 

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The exclusive 2018 Astrology Business Planner, pulled from the charts of Danielle Mercurio, is your secret into a year of cosmically supported success.


Learn to be your own astrologer & write your own fortunes.

The Astrology Business Planner at a glance:

^ Astrology 101 - demystifying the zodiac
^ Meeting the Planets & understanding your birth chart
^ Finding & getting to know your Houses
^ Understanding your Nodes & their tugs on your purpose
^ Understanding & working with retrogrades
^ Strengthening Your Relationships
^ Tapping into Your Cosmic Fortune
^ Astrology in Your Everyday Life
^ Understanding & Syncing with the Moon Cycles
^ Upcoming Planetary Trends & Using them to Plan
Integrating & Implementing the cosmic transits & trends in relation to your personal birth chart into your business
^ A monthly planning sheet pre-set with the cosmic buzz words of the time. Includes affirmation space, oracle, and guided intention setting with the moons.

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You check the weather to plan your day.
It's time to consult the cosmos as you plan your year.

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Some people start their day out reading the paper or watching the news. I start each day out by checking the astrology, so it only makes sense that I would use astrology to guide me in my soul-centered business. Danielle Mercurio is this cosmic ninja, combining her knowledge of astrology with her intuition, open heart and grounding energy. She helped me lay out a plan that pushed me, but in a very approachable way. Right after our call, things just started to flow. Have a game plan, helped me break down big goals into weekly tasks. The momentum is so easy to build, because with each day and each step, I'm growing closer toward my bigger goals.
Investing in your business helps you share your gifts with the world in a purposeful and aligned way. If you're looking for a cosmic fairy God sister to guide you in your magical business planning, Danielle is your Goddess!
- Dajon Ferrell
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Using Astrology to plan your business year is the go-to tool for highly successful entrepreneurs and coaches to optimize their business for maximum growth, monetization, and efficiency.

Learning to use the cosmic transits & rotations is the number one way to successfully avoid disastrous launches, IT glitches, uninterested clients, and overall burnout!

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The Astrology Business Planner demystifies astrology with simple explanations
practical applications, easy to follow charts, and actionable exercises
to take you through the complete journey of planning your strategy sessions, launches, onboarding seasons, and vacations.

You will learn to plug your personal birth chart into the ongoing cosmic trends so you can plan a year that highlights your personal strengths, and shine in your industry.

“I am so thankful for Danielle Mercurio's cosmic astrology planning sessions. 
When I first reached out to Danielle, I was in the middle of a digital course launch. Unbeknownst to me, I was launching during effing eclipse season! Apparently, retrogrades and eclipses hit me really hard this year. 
Externally the launch appeared to be going fine, internally, I was on the struggle bus. Every weird scheduling and tech thing that could go wrong, did go wrong. My team and I wasted so much time and energy trying to launch during a time where I should have been resting.
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 Obviously, Danielle and I scheduled a call to plan the rest of my year. She told me when to take off and focus on playing/enjoying my life and when to focus on business and let the cosmic energy around me multiply my efforts. 
It has made the biggest difference in my life and business. With Danielle's guidance I finally took some real time off. I am resting when it's best for me to be resting and going big when it's best to be going big. Everything flows! 
There is so much more grace and ease around my schedule, trips, launches and life.”

Ready for a deep dive, personal session with Danielle to catapult you straight into star lit success this year?

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Book a personal session and receive an overview of your soul's path plus strategized key launch dates plotted out as best aligned with the stars. Avoid disastrous launches or uninterested clients. Walk away feeling clear, empowered, + focused with a solid cosmic game plan to move your business forward with ease! Includes audio recording and held via the phone.

60-minute and 90-minute sessions available.

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