Astrology + the Days of the Week!

Astrology is an amazing resource to learn about the cosmic energies and to plan out your life. However with all of the planets and stars and signs...well, it can get a bit overwhelming! So if you don't have an astrologer on speed dial (only a select few in my life have that privilege!), then I want to share with you one of the easiest ways you can use Astrology to plot out your week and this astro-tip will never change!

I'm talking about the days of our week. The universe and the planetary energies govern over much of our life here on earth and look after certain components. The calendar is a big part of such, and when you know which luminaries (sun + moon) and planets control it, you gain a major advantage to your day!

In my latest video, I discuss each day of the week and the vibes it naturally projects. Check it out and then read on for the quick-list you can note for your planner!

Here's the quick reference:

Sunday/Sun: With the Sun radiating over this day, it's bound to be full of fun, energetic, and playful! Use this as a day to be social and go with the flow.

Monday/Moon: I always find it strange that we begin the work week on this day, as the Moon energies may harbor some emotions. Go as light as you can this day, focusing on getting settled for the week ahead and not overloading your schedule.

Tuesday/Mars: This is when you'll get a major boost of energy! Plan to have a lot of motivation and drive to accomplish the tasks you're most excited about! Make sure to hit the gym or do some sort of physical activity before the day is done!

Wednesday/Mercury: This is a great day to check in with your to-do list and cover logistical items for planning or paying bills. Your mental state and focus is sharper and everything is easier to process. Stay out of drama and in your own lane.

Thursday/Jupiter: This is a day of expansion and prosperity. Great opportunity to sign on new clients and send out invoices. Luck is on your side, so go ahead and take that risk or open up to someone new.

Friday/Venus: Our day of love! Great day for team outings and meetings as well as collaborating. Focus on what you want to do and leave anything that doesn't feel good for next week. If in a relationship, make sure to set aside some fun time together!

Saturday/Saturn: This day is about structure and routine. The morning is the perfect window for running errands, working on the yard and catching up on household tasks like cooking and laundry. Once that's out of the way, use the rest of the day to treat yourself or spend time with family.

Does this make sense for you? Is there a particular day of the week you resonate with the most? For example, I was born on a Tuesday and knowing that it's synced with Mars it's always my most productive day! I'd love to hear about your experience!

Getting Started with Astrology + My Must Have Items!

The #1 question I get asked as an Astrologist, is "where did you learn this from?" or "what's a good place to get started on my own?" Both completely valid questions, however the answer varies from person to person.

Astrology is a science, however it's an intuitive one, which means it's a blend of fact and the belief in what you can't always see. Because of this mix, everyone may respond to it differently and have certain preferences. I explain my #1 tip in learning Astrology as well as my favorite tools in this week's video!. After, take a look at the resource links below.

Want an in-depth overview of your birth chart? Let's book a session together! All readings are help via the phone and include an mp3 recording.

Want an in-depth overview of your birth chart? Let's book a session together! All readings are help via the phone and include an mp3 recording.

Is there an Astrological tool or tip you just have to share? I want to know! Use the comments and provide your insight.

Keep dreaming + stay open to the possibilities! 

In light,
Danielle xo