You're a passionate entrepreneur that came here to hold the space of radical transformation in people's lives. There's just a teeeennyy problem...

You've got no clients.

You take your work incredibly seriously (I mean, your Soul has been doing it for lifetimes), but in all honesty: 

- The backend of your business is a scattered, albeit beautiful, mess.
- The whole charging money for what you do thing scares you shilajit-less.
- Scheduling a session usually takes longer than the session itself.


Your work matters. And the more professional it feels, the more effortlessly it'll grow.

It's time to spike your confidence and scale your healing work from a
hobby to a full time career. 


Hi love! I'm Danielle Mercurio. 

And if we haven't met yet, I'm a modern Gypsy who created a thriving coaching business while on the road. Yes, you heard me right. On the road.

Even with a thousand moving parts every day, I was able to market, onboard new clients, maintain a practice, and scale my business to match my Soul in a way that felt legit, juicy and good. 

How'd I do it?

I had the right tools in place!

From building a website, getting photos, setting in place legal contracts, scheduling sessions, making sure you get paid, and then, oh yea, finding people to work with! There can be a whole lotta headache crowding out the heart of your work. 

Your soul doesn't want you scrambling to pay your bills in the name of your purpose - trust me, I've been there. But to get professional pay, you've got to lead your work in an ultra professional way.

I know the frustration of seeing the people you came here to help in pain, and feeling like you're not able to reach them. 

So, for the first time ever, I am opening up the doors of my business to you and sharing everything I use to maintain a flourishing, expanding coaching business.

I want you and your work polished and shining with respect, trust, and confidence that what you have to offer is legit, honest, and pure.


Danielle gave me permission to live out my dreams, it wasn’t permission from her - but, a presence much bigger than both of us. She literally helped me understand myself. She is beyond intuitive and so helpful!
— Hannah Royce // Creative Strategist + Mentor

If you're ready to rise into service, join me for Coaching Confidential.

Here's what we'll cover over our 5-weeks together:


Backend Mogul


√ Creating Packages & Services
√ Scheduling Systems
√ Pricing and Payments
√ Opt-ins
√ Social Media platforms
√ Website Layout
√ Mailing List
√ Headshot/Photos

Marketing & Connection

√ Creating a bio and media kit
√ Social Media presence/creating engaging posts
√ Honing in on your ‘stand out’ expertise
√ Consistency
√ Newsletters
√ Creating community

Converting the Client

√ Abundance Mentality
√ Consult Calls
√ Making the Sale!
√ Email correspondence and follow up
√ Onboarding new clients
√ Contracts & Insight forms/questionnaires
√ Structure + how to handle reschedule/cancellations


Taking it to the Next Level

√ Boundaries
√ Guest Spots
√ Affiliates/Endorsements
√ Automation
√ Webinars & Courses
√ Financial Bookkeeping & Tax Returns
√ Launching Strategies 

Over the course of the 5-week program you will receive:

√ 4 x pre-recorded video lectures on each subject

√ A downloadable PDF workbook and resource list for each topic covered - complete with step by step guides & checklists

√ 2 x live 1-hour Q & A where you can ask Danielle anything!

√ Private Facebook group for questions and ongoing support

Lifetime access to the content & all updates & potential to be an affiliate (make your investment back & then some!)

√ One Implementation week to get things up and running with support!

You'll also receive an Astrology planning guide to map out your year!


Danielle has helped me catapult past my fears of becoming a paid teacher. When I first started working with Danielle, I was coaching from a place of service, but not feeling worthy of making money. I was terrified to have my voice heard and I was struggling to take all of the ideas and bring them into focus so that I could create a business plan that felt authentic to how I was being called to serve the world. I now have a plan and not just a plan, but a plan that is working and feels authentic to my purpose in life. She has been an absolute joy to work with! Danielle will forever be a mentor, teacher, and part of my team. I am so grateful for her compassion and honest approach to empowerment. 

- Christi Carlton // Relationship Coach

Not sure if Coaching Confidential is right for you?
The answer is YES if:


√ You are amazing at what you do, but the business logistics make you want to run and cry

√ You are new to coaching, or have been around for a little bit, and don't have a client base that sustains you financially - including things like saving for trips and fun ;) 

√ You're always exhausted and have no balance between your business and your life

√ Your whole body freezes up when someone approaches you in interest about your work and the time for the sale comes along

Coaching Confidential is NOT for you if:

√ You're well established in your field and have no problem with backend stuff

√ You hate making business fun

√ You're not looking to legitimize your business

Danielle is as real as they come. She provides safe, comforting space to dive deep into. Prior to working together, I was struggling to release the fear of what I had always done to be "successful" versus what my heart longed to move towards. With Danielle's help, I learned to own my heart and it's passions, leaving behind an unfulfilling and empty corporate career.  I have a much clearer purpose and vision for where I am going and embarked on my new business... which has really been my new birth and new life... I like to call it Lindsay 2.0!
Lindsay Kirsch //  

From coach to coach, you know you've been avoiding getting the backend of your biz in place because you know it'll work, right? 

It's time do more than just release the feelings of being not enough.

It's time to blend your sacredness and your systems.

Invest in the programs, the support, the accountability, and the softwares that will allow you to hand out your card with a sense of excitement & readiness.


The Coaching Confidential Investment:

Registration for Coaching Confidential has closed until 2018.

Enter your name & email below to be notified when it opens again!

Choose to lead with your vision & retreat from your fear
— Danielle Mercurio

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Danielle Mercurio is on a mission to help people nail down their purpose so they can start living the fabulous life they were always meant to!

Danielle is a professional speaker as well as empowerment coach, comedian, astrologist, and yoga teacher. Being totally obsessed with self-help and entrepreneurship, Danielle utilizes these concepts to create awareness and clarity in a tangible, practical way. She's described as the ultimate "re-framer" while having a witty, down to earth approach. Danielle draws upon her own journey of self discovery and leaving her "safety net" behind to build a successful business and live a life she's in constant awe of. 

Danielle has spoken across the country, empowering people back into their greatness by igniting their truth. She also started bringing comedy into the self-help space, with her one woman stand-up show, "Gypsy Unplugged" and upcoming podcast series, "Gypsy After Hours".

She loves travel and new adventures, good food and conversation, reality TV, and being in the present moment. Danielle is currently based in Los Angeles.