Making the decision to work with a life coach can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling endeavors of your life! You have someone at your side that has overcome their own challenges and in turn wants to help you breakthrough your own. Working with Danielle is an opportunity to feel heard, face your problems, and make your goals a priority. It's a chance to say no to your current reality and build a life beyond your wildest dreams!

  • Are you ready to commit to a happier life or more expansive career path yet feel overwhelmed on where to begin?

  • Have you felt the call to be a life coach, entrepreneur, or spiritual teacher, yet the thought of stepping up as a leader scares you to death?

  • Does your current job create daily misery in your life but you stay because of financial fears?

  • Do you keep saying that once you get that bonus, take that online course, or go on that vacation, you’ll pursue your dreams, and then never find the courage to actually do it?

  • Do you try to use personal development tools or a meditation practice but can’t seem to follow through?

  • Are you ready to up your manifestation mindset to create more abundance and fulfillment in your life?

sometimes it feels like there has got to be a catch… Is it really possible to have a more soul satisfying and fulfilling life? could it really come together in an effortless way?

Holding back in fear and watching your dreams go by isn't what you came here for. And it’s in that realization that you know you have to take that leap of faith and move into something new.

And that can be super scary, especially when the onslaught of setbacks and doubts seem greater than the results. It’s difficult to trust if you should invest your money, where you should focus first, and if this will really work for you.

However in spite of all that is uncertain, the coaching experience is an opportunity for you to give your intuition a chance and freaking go for it anyway.

It’s an opportunity to stop spending your Sunday evenings in agony, wishing the weekend didn’t have to end. Or watching the same tired, drama filled work scenario unfold, week after week. Or worst of all, coasting paycheck to paycheck as you watch your ideas and dreams pass you by.

Perhaps you have a greater purpose and a bigger mission in life that extends beyond your current situation. You may constantly feel that need for change and crave real progress. You know it’s time to start taking action on your inspirations and goals. Deep down, you know it’s possible. You just need some help.

Enter Danielle.

“Because I’ve been there too. And there is nothing more I dreaded than feeling like I was putting myself and my life into a box that wasn't mine. That I was creating more dissatisfaction in my life by trying to please others. I knew I needed to find a way out. And once I did, I knew I had to give others the permission to do the same. It's now the magic I live for everyday.”

Having a coach allows you breakthrough limited mindsets and find manageable tools and solutions to the situations and patterns that have been keeping you stuck. The beauty is you have someone on your side that can relate and shed light on how to overcome the fears and challenges along the way. Coaching brings about real, tangible change and fresh momentum. And most of all, it becomes a safe and sacred container for making radical shifts and seeing results!

Here’s just some of what you can expect with Danielle:   

Move beyond the limiting stories that let you believe you aren’t good enough or worth it.  Discover how to stop the mental chatter preventing you from confidently fulfilling a business and life you love! 

Release blocks around financial fears to move into an abundant mindset so you can earn money and feel supported with ease

Make better decisions while navigating demands of your current job and home life so you can efficiently transition into a new areas of focus with less stress.

Improved communication skills and learning how to ask for what you need.

Feel more connected spirituality through guided meditations and understanding how to trust and go with your intuition. 

Consistent guidance and support so you never have to feel unheard or alone in this process! Feel validated by someone that has been through the same journey and truly believes in YOU.

Regular accountability check ins for increased momentum toward implemented goals.

• If in the life coach or entrepreneur space, get clear on what your ideal business looks like. Together, you’ll create a plan to boost your copy, attract a larger social media following, and embody your personal brand.

You deserve everything you desire. I believe your dreams are brilliant. I believe you are meant to share and live them out with the world! It takes a deeper sense of knowing, amplified determination, major faith, and a lot of trust. However, I know you got this. 

Are you ready to be over the daily routine and move into the joy of living a spontaneous and fulfilling life? 

Don’t let your dreams grow stale or expire. Wake them up, amplify your life to it's full potential, and create life long change!

I’m not a huge fan of using the word blessed. I think it’s overused. But I honestly can not think of a better word to use when reflecting on my experience with Danielle. I was able to recognize the ego-based fear talking (Who am I to do this? Am I enough? Why should I do this if a million other people already have?) push it aside, and move forward with building the life of my dreams. Danielle helped me find my internal source of motivation and to trust in my beautiful partnership with the Universe. She assisted me in excavating and uncovering the best, most beautiful, most determined and happiest me. I’m building my own business, have left corporate and am so full of excitement and passion for my life! Danielle helped me to recognize the beauty of just going for it and helped me to move away from my debilitating perfectionism. Danielle is a true gem. Her ability to weave humor into profound and impactful guidance made me feel like I was talking to my best friend. Her ability to establish a connection right away made me feel super comfortable revealing my deepest, darkest fears in our very first session. Danielle changed my life. I will be forever grateful that she exists.” 

- Meg Sylvester, Health + Lifestyle Coach

4 Month Coaching Commitment 

1 mont coachin intensive.jpg

6 week Coaching Intensive

The best route for when you need a major up level in your life! This is for you if you're truly ready and committed to releasing your blocks, getting clear on your visions, and bringing your newfound awareness to life. It's an investment in your quality of life and obtaining joy in a more aligned way!

  • 10 (55) minute sessions scheduled every 1-2 weeks

  • Email + audio messaging and accountability system set in place

  • Social Media Support

  • Access to Club Dream for the duration of the coaching relationship

  • Add-on Astrology Deep Dive Session

Perfect if you feel like you’re on the brink of momentum and need that finalize push to move your dreams forward! Together, uncover lingering limiting beliefs, find the next best step to launch your goals ahead, or fine tune and receive accountability for a project you’re working on.


  • (1) Initial strategy call

  • (4) 55 minute sessions

  • Includes email + voxer audio support in between

  • Access to two months of Club Dream

*Coaching packages with Danielle are currently on a waitlist through 6/30/2018.*

"When I found Danielle, I was instantly attracted to her energy. She holds space in such a way that all women aspire to - fiercely, gracefully, and motherly. Our 90-minute session flew by and Danielle guided me to hone in on some of my blind spots - ways in which I was holding myself back from expressing myself fully. Now that I have processed our session, I feel a new sense of clarity and forward momentum that wasn't present before our session. If you're seeking a guide to hold space for you, to listen to the energy behind what you're saying, and to push you to elevate and rise into your potential, Danielle is your girl. You won't look back. "

 - Heather Waxman, Spiritual Life Coach, Musician, and Author


Danielle Mercurio teaches deep truths and ignites you back into your purpose. She empowers her clients to move through life’s obstacles to make real, lasting  change.  She uses her own life experience to guide clients that feel unfulfilled in their current role to confidently shift into a more abundant + satisfying life! She understands what it’s like to wake up Monday morning feeling the dread of the week ahead or the feelings of overwhelm, lack of self-worth, financial fears and heartache that can surge when trying to implement a more sustainable and enjoyable path. 

As such, she inspires her clients to dream bigger, guide from the perspective of their highest truth, and cut through the noise of the ego and fear.

Danielle received her life coach and energy leadership training at the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). She also completed Gabrielle Bernstein’s Masterclass Levels 1 & 2, and built up her business to successfully leave her corporate 9-5 job in just 9 months to pursue her own business full-time. Danielle has a light-hearted approach, while combining her own intuition and wit, to encourage individuals to stop playing small, ignite their confidence, and make their dreams a lasting reality!  In addition to coaching, she is also an inspirational comedian, astrologist, and yoga teacher. It is her mission to guide people to feel truly satisfied in the present moment.