day 4.png


Welcome to the fourth day of #higherimpact!  

Go back to your quiet space with your notebook and complete the following exercises.


Part One:

Create your I AM declaration.

  1. Remind yourself who you are NOT any more.

  2. I am NOT ______________ (use as many words as you need)

  3. I AM __________________ (use as many words or phases as you wish)

Part Two:

Use the graphics linked below to share your I AM declaration online.

In your post, share what that word means to you and as you write, do it from the place of ease and the highest expression of who you are. It’s not about getting likes, or attracting the same person from your past to get validation from.

This is you recognizing your freedom and what’s possible from your IDEAL LIFE list. You can browse my Instagram feed @daniellemercurio for inspiration!



Share your IAM declarations in the Dream Maker's Group!


We RISE together!

A sacred space to share any insights you'd like to keep just between us!