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The first day is about getting to the root of where your discomfort in being seen came from. Sometimes, we have to look back into order to be aware of how it's still affecting our present. This can be uncomfortable, however the clarity you gain will be a catalyst in the alignment of what is truly possible.

Begin by creating a quiet space and time to sink into the meditation experience.

Once you've gotten your space quiet and ready, press play on your meditation below!


Following the meditation, complete the following Journal Prompts:

Part One:

+ Describe the time you went back to where you didn't feel safe. What happened?
+ What did it make you feel like?
+ How did you protect yourself?
+ Why did you want to feel understood?

Part Two:

+ While you were in the auditorium, who were the people whose attention you wanted?
+ Why did you want it so badly?
+ How are you still attracting people exactly like this in your life today?
+ Why do you depend on them to move forward?
+ Do you really need their validation?
+ Why doesn't this serve you anymore?

Part Three:

+ Describe what it felt like to be completely as your higher self.
+ What did you look like?
+ Anything different about your appearance?
+ What were you doing in your purpose?
+ How were you making money?
+ In what ways were you showing up for your relationships?
+ Did you need validation or confirmation from anyone?

Part Four:

It's time to make peace with the person(s) that didn't come forth in the circle.

+ How can you believe they were loving you from afar? That they didn't mean to let you down?

+ Write them a love letter and set it aflame, offering your forgiveness.



Share your takeaways in our loving community Facebook Group. Specifically note what energy you were dependent on from others and what you are willing to let go as well as how you will decide to move forward.

Take the rest of the day to ease into your new awareness and notice any more points that come through.


We RISE together!

A sacred space to share any insights you'd like to keep just between us!