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You're the Expert

You’ve done a lot of digging over the past week and I truly honor the way you’ve been embracing this process! While we can’t heal and transform everything, this is such a beautiful beginning of the new way you are seeing yourself and embracing the world. It’s only going to continue to get more awesome and high vibe!

Now that you’ve uncovered your visibility block, discovered you are NO different than anyone else living their ideal life, and expanded into a new way to manifest, you’re ready to show up as the real deal.

For you, that may be the expert in your field, the eligible candidate for a job, or the desired partner in a relationship. Basically, it gets to be whatever you want it to be.

With your newfound confidence and awareness, it’s important you also get absolutely clear that you are doing and serving exactly how you want to.  You may know your purpose, let’s say a life coach for example, however due to a saturated community you may have shifted the way you show up or what you think you’re supposed to teach as a result.

Go back to your quiet space with your notebook and complete the following exercises.



Let’s get back to the basics. Look to your higher self you witnessed in the Day 1 meditation. Refer to what you wrote down after as well.

1. What was your purpose as your higher self?

2. How are you living that out today?  Are you really doing what you want or what you think you should be doing?

3. Even if you love what you do, do you find you still hold back because it doesn’t seem financially safe? Prove why doing what you love and are an expert in can make you money. Get creative!

4. Create your fantasy package. Based on everything you’ve written out thus far, curate your ultimate aspiration. Detail out your career; the impact you’re making, services and/or role you provide, and how you are supported and receiving income for such. From there, make a plan of action towards what feels good in a tangible, visible way. Don’t overthink it, the best strategy comes from listening to our soul. Explore what feels GOOD and share from that place.

Social Media Assignment:

The amazing shifts in awareness and new levels of confidence will start to be noticed by others. It’s kind of unavoidable when you’re riding high. When you were concerned about what other people thought of you, it was easy to think that every post was a chance for them to judge you.

It’s time to turn the tables.

There is a reason why people are following you. It’s likely not to cast a negative review however be inspired, gain a new perspective, or even be entertained. This is your opportunity to embrace who is already watching and also open up the space to invite in more people. It’s your opportunity to showcase that you’re the REAL freaking DEAL.

It’s simple to post someone else’s quote, a picture of your lunch, or a sunset than it is to present your own work. However what level of impact is that making? Are you promoting that you’re an expert at finding other people’s work and following the trends? Or are you one to be recognized and stand out for your own unique voice and way of living?

Start to notice the powerful things you think throughout the day and jot them down. Look back at your journal or notes from sessions/workshops you’ve led for ideas and encouraging words you provided. That’s your gold. It’s important to make a practice to pull your wisdom out of your everyday thing and implement it into your presence.

After doing some digging: 

Create a list of anything you said or thought that feels really good. Even if it totally doesn’t make sense yet, write it down.

Use apps like WordSwag and Spark to create posts with your OWN quotes. Make sure to use your name underneath it as well. In order to be an expert, you have to remind everyone that you are!

We created a template that you can use for the sake of this immersion. Make sure to use the hashtag so I can find you!

If you aren’t ready to go full public, you can post in the group, Dream Makers.

Thank you for continuing to show up for yourself so you can keep making a beautiful impact in the world!



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