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Expand Your Reality

Welcome to the third day of #higherimpact!  

Go back to your quiet space with your notebook and complete the following exercises.


Part One:

List out at least 10 people you look up to and appear to be living an ideal life. Mix it up between people you know in real life or look to from afar. Add a note about what you admire about them.

+ Then, next to each name share why it is okay from them to have an ideal life.

+ Notice any common themes or how easy it is for you to support their path.

+ If it’s okay for them, then it has to be okay for YOU.

Part Two:

Go back to your IDEAL LIFE list.

Next to everything you wrote out, express why it’s okay for you to have this.  

Share why you’re deserving and what you may already be doing to achieve it. Notice if the old storyline is coming through and remember that isn’t the player that runs the show anymore.

REMEMBER: You are no different than the 10 people you listed out. Use them as proof that what is possible for them, MUST be true for you too. This is reprogramming you to look through the lens of what you actually want, not the broken record of the past.

Part Three:

Now, let’s imagine you have a 100k+ following online and over $10 million in the bank.

1. List out what you would be doing differently.  What services would you provide? How would you feel emotionally? What level of impact would you serve from?

2. WHY WAIT? What from that list can you start today? Just like the influencers on your list, you have the SAME ability and power. You just get to be YOU. This also proves to you what you really want to be doing, not just what you think you should do.


Look through your social media feeds and email for people that aren’t like the 10 people on your list.

If they don’t inspire you or feel like a trigger, they do not need to be in your visibility.

The people you follow must be in alignment or a mirror for your own IDEAL LIFE, otherwise they aren’t increasing your worth and supporting what is possible for you too.




Share your questions and insight in the Day 3 thread on the Dream Makers group.


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