You KNOW you should be happier.
You KNOW you're meant for way MORE than your current day to day life.
You KNOW your dreams have meaning and you’re ready to play them out.
You KNOW you are tired of thinking it will be “better when” and then life still falls short.

But you’re stuck on repeat… constantly playing the tunes of not being good enough, self doubt, proving your worth, comparison, & forcing happiness through scenarios far from your heart’s original desires.


Join us for Mindset Rehab

An all day in-person immersion designed to support you as you enhance your confidence, shed limiting beliefs, & rewrite the story of how you are truly meant to live your life. 


Throughout this workshop, you will:

- Learn tools to identify where you're feeling stuck in your old story & practices to set it free through healing meditations & exercises.
- Uncover the voice behind your negative thoughts and rewrite the monologue through a more empowered lens of strength and self discovery.
- Participate in interactive ways to become more comfortable in your own skin and let your truth finally shine!


After the workshop, you will walk away with:

+ A shift in your personal perception and honor the truth behind who you really are
+ An understanding of how to break through the loop of judgement going on in your head to showcase the RESILIENT YOU
+ More clarity around how to stop your limiting thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors
+ An empowered way to express your desires and goals
+ CONFIDENCE to stand in your truth without anyone else’s permission


It's time to release your doubts and the opinions that don’t serve you so as to uncover a new way of seeing yourself.


Location: Philadelphia, PA (exact address provided upon purchase)

Date/Time: 11/2/18, 10:00a.m. to 3:30p.m.


During the workshop, you'll connect with like-minded individuals in a safe space to explore holistic and mindful approaches to stop the judgement loop and become more comfortable with who you are.

Throughout the day you’ll:

  • Experience vibrational sound therapy and meditation journeys to let go of your shadows and embrace your light side

  • Participate in Kundalini Yoga to ignite your confidence and shed stuck energy

  • Understand easy approaches to creating a self care routine and keeping your commitment around it

  • Learn to tap into your natural intuition and use it as a guide to honor your own ideas and make decisions

  • Receive on the spot coaching and solutions to the problems that have been holding you back

  • Make new friends and have heart-felt conversations to uplift and inspire each other

By participating in this full day immersion, not only will you have fun, feel lighter, and more like who you've always wanted to be, you'll also be creating a ripple effect in achieving your goals, expanding your desires, and connecting to yourself more than ever before.

This is for you if you're ready to stop stumbling over your thoughts and fall into a deeper, more meaningful relationship with yourself.

If you're tired of seeing other people and thinking "I wish I could do that too", then this is your moment to get out of your own way and go for it.

It's time to stop wondering what it could be like to have the life you want and embrace the one you are creating!

Event sponsor: Aragona Associates


The day includes catered lunch from Grateful Plate + Swag!

Bring a friend - 2 tickets for $199




Danielle Mercurio is paving the way for self-help and spirituality to be recognized as a sustainable force within a modern society. As a confidence coach, meditation teacher, and speaker, she empowers entrepreneurs & individuals to be successful, intentional, and live life on purpose.  

She is know for being real, lots of laughs, captivating storytelling, and unfiltered advice.  Danielle draws upon her own journey of self discovery and leaving her Corporate "safety net" behind to build a booming business and live a life she's in constant awe of. 

Danielle has spoken across the country, inspiring people back into their greatness by igniting their truth. She also is at the forefront of bringing comedy into the self-help space, with her stand-up show, "Does This Make Me Look Spiritual?" and podcast series, "Curiously Confident”.

She loves travel and new adventures, good food and conversation, reality TV, and being in the present moment. Danielle is currently based in Philadelphia, PA.


Ilia Stranko is an an intuitive life coach, empath, public speaker, certified vibrational sound practitioner, reiki master, and licensed massage therapist, who guides modern soul-searchers along their journey.

She left a 10-year career as a social worker and went into years of deep spiritual study and emerged on a new path: to help people heal by using their energetic body as a guide.

In her private practice she uses a combination of intuitive coaching, sound therapy, energy work, craniosacral therapy and therapeutic massage to help her clients learn to trust their bodies again, while releasing negative patterns from their life.

In addition to her in-person private practice, she offers online intuitive coaching, distance healing, energy readings, and spiritual guidance. Her favorite thing is to teach individuals how to trust their intuition, create a soulful practice that feels good to them, manage their energetic body, and most importantly, how to embrace a new path that comes from creating a soul-driven life! Learn more at


“Danielle is hugely gifted in helping her clients identify their insecurities, why they are ungrounded and yet love them to step into their brightest selves! She is thorough and genuine and truly wants everyone to shine.” - Ahna S.

“Ilia is a godsend. She is incredibly insightful and taps into her intuitive gifts in order to customize to your unique and unmet needs. I was struggling on my path and the moment Ilia stepped in, things began to quickly change and transform. It was like a dark veil was lifted from my life, and underneath was an untapped goldmine of wisdom and enlightenment, all provided through the guided meditations, personalized tips, and one-on-one coaching to address issues and solutions to help create a more productive and peaceful life. I would recommend Ilia for your personal, professional, and spiritual needs.” -Kristen

Join us and rehab your state of thinking!