Time to move past the indecision, the guilt, the fear… And instead move into a life beyond your wildest dreams. One so uniquely satisfying and heartfelt that you can’t help but shout from the rooftops how amazingly in love with life you are!

This is my greatest wish for you and I’ll hold the space for it all to come true.



 Catch up on episodes of 'The Danielle Mercurio Show', a talk show curated for inspiration, hilarity, and having a lust for life! 



Experience Danielle live! Get ready for a major dose of deep truth, empowerment, a-ah moments and lots of laugher!



Become a teacher! Learn the tools to shift your meditation practice to a place where you can lead others with grace, confidence, and flow.

Danielle Mercurio is a HIGH-VIBE, passionate speaker and coach, who inspires individuals tO STOP PLAYING SMALL AND create a life and business of their dreams.

Danielle is on a constant pursuit to help you nail down your purpose so you can start living the fabulous life you were meant to! She believes that the answers we are seeking are already inside of us and has a way of bringing forth such guidance to reveal one’s purpose as well as best ways to move it forward. Having a total obsession for self-help, metaphysics, and entrepreneurship, she utilizes these concepts to create clarity and awareness for her clients and audience in a tangible, practical way. She has a witty, down to earth approach, while drawing upon her own journey of self discovery and leaving behind the "safe route" to build a successful business and brand. She encourages others to expand their intuition and open up into a more meaningful, purpose driven life with confidence. Danielle has spoken across the country, varying from keynote speeches, retreats, and Corporate engagements.