"You can long for something that didn't happen the way you wanted or channel your energy to create your future."



I may Spiritual but I’m no Saint…

My purpose in life is to help you feel satisfied with your own. To break down the endless barriers of the outside opinions and timelines so you can feel happy, healthy, thriving, and of course, on purpose.

I’m an International speaker, as well as a confidence coach, comedian, astrologist, and meditation guide. I also host a podcast, Curiously Confident.

I spent a large part of my life trying to fit in and play it safe. And instead of expanding, it diminished my greatness and left me feeling boxed in. It wasn't until I found the courage to get clear on my desires and move forward that everything started to change for the better. It’s my mission to give you that same permission to facilitate a life of your dreams and then some.


I strive to get you to make a change today.  To stop worrying about what other people think; and to start finding out what is holding you back from moving into your desired dreams.  I allow you to create the space to be more decisive and dismiss the dread, worry, and overwhelm. I work with you to get over the disappointment and regret attached to your life, and move past your fears so you can move ahead into happiness, satisfaction, and true success.  I’m here to help you to see the light that’s always been within you, it just has been tarnished from years of misdirection and doubt. I know you believe you’re capable of so much more and this is your moment to make anything happen.  What would it feel like to wake up and trust the day ahead? And further, make it one that exceeds your wildest dreams?

Who am I to help you?  I’m the one that has so been down and out many times before.  I was the continuous hot mess wishing for a miracle.  I grew up knowing there was a greatness inside of me, however the outer limitations and restrictions that society presented constantly wore me down. After moving to a city in my early twenties, I knew I loved the fabulous independent lifestyle but just because I found a pace I liked, it didn’t mean I knew who I was suppose to be.  My world revolved around the confusion of what it meant to be an ‘adult’.  I had a constant fear of missing out on what others were doing and also felt self-judgment and repetitive cycles of ridicule because I didn’t feel like I measured up to what my ‘timeline’ should have dictated.  I’d distract myself with spending money on things I couldn’t afford like nightly drinking excursions, binge eating, smoking, or shopping sprees…basically anything that would give me that rush of stimulation to feel at ease and distracted from my worries.  I’d crack jokes about one night stands to entertain my friends and became a pro at convincing others that I was living an optimal life.  But it often just felt meaningless and my problems still lingered the next morning.  The only sure thing I knew that was evolving in my life at that time was my waistline and debt.  All I kept thinking was, “when would it be my turn to finally belong? To have life with meaning?”


It’s true when they say you have to fall even deeper than you thought possible in order to create change.  It wasn’t until desperation brought me sobbing down on my drunken knees after a sexual assault at my best friend’s wedding that I knew I had scraped against the bottom of my quintessential “rock”.  It wasn’t because my friend was getting married and I wasn’t.  Or that a boy I thought was cute didn’t want a relationship with me.  Or that I let someone else take advantage of me in that space.  It was that I had no clue why I was so lost. It was that I was always blaming myself for everything that went wrong. Even when it wasn’t my fault.  That when I thought about tomorrow, all I could see was darkness.  I was so numb to it all that my soul had to cry for help in a really big way in order for me to listen.

I knew I had two options.  I could get a cat and see how that lifestyle panned out for me or I could get help.

I got help.  I learned that I had been avoiding making any kind of connection with my true inner self and that if I didn’t do something about it, I would always look to outer things to try to heal or avoid my pain. The only way to truly get help, is to be willing to listen to the guidance deep within you so as to provide a real transformation.  It was upon my willingness to explore that concept further that real things started to shift.  It was hard to let go of my old lifestyle, even knowing it wasn’t serving me, and the voice of my fears was persistent in trying to hold me back. However, the more I got to know and befriend myself, the easier it got. And with that loving support during the times I lapsed or got discouraged, a whole new world started opening up for me.  I learned what self-care meant.  I started to attract more positive experiences and people into my life.  

For the first time, I was in love with me. 

“What I wanted was always there, I was just looking the wrong way and at everyone else.”

I realized that I had to go through everything I did in order to find my calling, which is to inspire others that feel unsure, trapped, or out of control see that there could be another way. Going through what I did was beyond worthwhile to know I’m meant to be a coach and teacher.

My business didn’t grow overnight as I had hoped however. While I was ready to serve the world, no one knew who I was or how to find me. I felt frustrated that I was putting myself out there as a coach and receiving nothing back. I found myself stuck in confusion and seeking the validation of others to qualify my ability to be a coach. It felt limiting and unsteady. It felt similar to reaching my rock bottom again, yet this time it was via doing something I cared about.

I was about to hit my breaking point. I was still working my Corporate job in New York City and it was draining the energy reserves I had left. I felt uncertain and lacking support, like I was coasting while knowing at the same time I was meant for more.


“I wasn’t ready to give up, but I prayed for another way.”


That way came shortly after, when I saw Gabby Bernstein, a best selling author and coach, speak for the first time. She lit up the room with her enthusiasm and passion for life. Myself and the crowd were en-captivated and I knew a brand new chapter was opening up for me. I joined her Mastermind program, found a community that was going through the same journey building a business, and learned the tools to let something greater than me help guide my path. I started taking my work as a coach and speaker more seriously and I didn’t just believe I was meant to do this work, I trusted it. And that was a game changer.

I began to weave in my love for Astrology into my coaching sessions and became certified as a Kundalini Yoga and meditation teacher. I feared less about what others thought of me and focused more on doing things that brought me joy. The more good attention I gave to the things I loved to do, the more my business expanded and the most ideal clients started showing up.

I was able to finally leave my Corporate job in nine months from joining Gabby’s masterclass and now run a successful speaking and coaching business. My needs are always met with ease and I feel supported by my work constantly. Most days I’m in sheer awe of how everything changed once I fully committed to myself and how much is given when you’re in a steady flow of gratitude.

I blend my time working as a Spiritual mentor and confidence coach, facilitating Astrology readings as well as running my own Meditation Method Teacher Training, and speaking and leading workshops all over the country. Through our experience together, no matter the type of service, I know you’ll walk away feeling more self-aware, empowered, and ignited to expand your life. I want you to know that everything is possible and if you don’t spend your time on something you love, you’ll waste it on something you don’t.  I believe in your time to invest in yourself, to stop coasting and start living for today and seeing where it can take you!

Want to explore how we can work together? Set up a 20 minute consult session or explore my different services here.

By way of background: I'm a trained life coach via the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). I'm also certified under Gabby Bernstein’s Level 1 & 2 Spirit Junkie Masterclass. I’m KRI 200-hour Kundalini Yoga certified and have studied Shambhala Path meditation.  I am also a Reiki practitioner, Marie Forleo's B-School alumni, trained in comedy improv and a member of Toastmasters International.