Wondering why no matter how bad you know what you're meant to do with your life, you still can't break into the space of total comfort with your presence & purpose?

Feel like whenever you're in front of others you get tongue tied and twisted when asked what you do for a living?

Are you tired of walking into a room full of people in sheer panic, nervous that you won't know what to say or there will be awkward pauses? Is it so bad that you wind up staying home and feel guilty instead?

Do you see yourself making an impact on stages and speaking in front of others, and yet when you go to record a video or go live you totally freeze up?



Join Danielle Mercurio for CONSCIOUS CONFIDENCE.

A one day in-person immersion designed to support you as you ignite your confidence, shed limiting beliefs, & show up for the part of you that is meant to communicate out to the world in a much stronger way. 


"Danielle gave me permission to live out my dreams, it wasn’t permission from her - but, a presence much bigger than both of us. She literally helped me understand myself. She is beyond intuitive and so helpful!"

-Hannah Royce


Throughout the day, you will learn why blending in with the crowds will never get you noticed - and simple practices that, when put into play, will amp up your visibility + confidence factor tenfold!

Throughout this workshop, you will:

- Learn tools to identify where you're feeling stuck in your old story & tools to set it free through action
- Get clear on what you're here to do in the world and why - plus develop ways to speak it out to the world with ease!
- Participate in interactive ways to become more comfortable in your own skin and rock the crowds at networking events or hitting record to livestream on social media.


After the workshop, you will walk away with:

+ New language to reflect on your unique message in the world in an authentic and genuine way
+ An understanding of how to break through social awkwardness to showcase the IRRESISTIBLE YOU
+ A way to communicate your message in your own words and stop repurposing other people's quotes and ideas
+ An empowered spirit that exudes the message of impact dwelling inside of you
+ CONFIDENCE to expose your truth & express your voice freely


It's time to uncover a new way of seeing yourself & expose your powerful truth to the world.


Location: New York, NY near Union Square (exact address provided upon purchase)

Date/Time: 10/6/18, 10:30a.m. to 5:00p.m.

During the workshop, you'll connect with other like-minded individuals in a safe space to explore and uncover different approaches to become more comfortable in who you are plus how to shift from talking from the voice of your fears and instead feel fully expressed from your heart when you open your mouth.

It's an opportunity to craft your message and understand how to intuitively convey it anyone, whether it's your ideal client, co-worker, or Great Uncle Sal.

You'll also learn:

  • How to engage your body to transmit fear and open up to create conversation

  • Where your courage resides to make it through awkward social situations

  • The ways to speak candidly and on the fly without second guessing yourself

  • Easy approaches to navigate social media and going LIVE on video without stumbling

  • The steps to telling captivating stories and never running out of things to say

  • How to release guilt around putting yourself first in order to achieve your dreams

By participating in this process, not only will you have fun, feel lighter, and more like who you've always wanted to be, you'll also creating a ripple effect in achieving your goals, expanding your business, and reaching more people than ever before.

Past clients have found their voices online, converted new clients, gained speaking events, received promotions within their current job, and even scored media appearances.

This is for you if you're ready to stop stumbling over your purpose and fall into a deeper, more meaningful, and energetic way of showing your community your true colors.

If you're tired of seeing other people and thinking "I should be doing that", then this is your moment to transform and get out there too.

It's time to stop wondering what it could be like to be the center of attention, and take the initiative to understand how to OWN IT.


2 Monthly Payments of $111



Danielle is hugely gifted in helping her clients identify their insecurities, why they are ungrounded and yet love them to step into their brightest selves! She is thorough and genuine and truly wants everyone to shine. This immersion helped me to free myself greatly before embarking on the next level of my work- giving workshops! - Ahna S.

Danielle Mercurio is paving the way for self-help and spirituality to be recognized as a sustainable force within a modern society. As a confidence coach, meditation teacher, and speaker, she empowers entrepreneurs & individuals to be successful, intentional, and live life on purpose.  

She is know for being real, lots of laughs, captivating storytelling, and unfiltered advice.  Danielle draws upon her own journey of self discovery and leaving her Corporate "safety net" behind to build a booming business and live a life she's in constant awe of. 

Danielle has spoken across the country, inspiring people back into their greatness by igniting their truth. She also is at the forefront of bringing comedy into the self-help space, with her one woman stand-up show, "Does This Make Me Look Spiritual?" and podcast series, "Gypsy After Hours".

She loves travel and new adventures, good food and conversation, reality TV, and being in the present moment. Danielle is currently based in Philadelphia, PA.