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Things have felt like they’re shifting lately.
You feel itchy in the boxes of your life.
Nothing is satisfying you the way it used to.
Not even your favorite smoothie…
And it feels like something huge is about to change.
You’re not quite ready, but at the same time, you have a feeling you’re not going to be able to resist or do anything about it.

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We entered into the Lion’s Gate portal on 8.8 - and to fully activate all it has to offer us, there are a few things that need to get re-arranged for us to welcome in new waves of prosperity, magnetism, and inspiration!

Now is the time to ride the waves of your dreams, knowing they’re leading you someplace magical. Don’t let them stall you…let them ACTIVATE YOU.

Join me, Danielle Mercurio, for this online
Lion’s Gate Activation workshop to move through the awkwardness of navigating your desires solo so you can open up to the cosmic rays of light eager to usher you right into the heart of all that awaits you.

Workshop only available to do until August 13th!

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Through this experience, you will:

  • Learn how to use the 8/8 gateway to step into a completely new paradigm

  • Create a unique wealth activation grid to start weaving the subconscious webs of inspiration that will lead to greater flow of abundance in your life

  • Receive the messages - spoken and felt - that will elevate your energy into a space where you feel fully able to take conscious ownership of your life + your purpose

  • Learn & experience practices that will release uncertainty and override physical and mental limitations keeping you stuck

  • Open up and radiate from your 2 centers of power - the solar plexus (confidence & will power) and the heart (conviction & creation)

  • Learn specific practices for this time to stay in true alignment with the fulfillment of your goals/desires

  • Get crystal clear on how to evoke a space of fierce trust and equally fierce boundaries

  • Access insight from ancient guides of the Sacred Council to receive insight into the current times for you as an individual, and for all of us as a collective

  • Anchor your inner fire and strength & infuse it with Divine Confidence


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The Specifics:

For all my virgos ;)

  • 88-ish minute experience

  • Channeled guidance on topics above

  • Cosmic breath work to release and receive

  • Sacred activation ritual for abundance

  • Journal prompts to cleanse the subconscious

  • Post activation 40-Day meditation to fully activate the energy

All you’ve been asking for is knocking on your door - and you know, darling,
it’s time to go answer.

And you’ve only got until August 13th!

About Danielle:

All you really need to know? Danielle is a triple Leo (Sun, Moon & Rising!) and we’ll be gathering together on her birthday eve. But in case you still want to know more…

Danielle Mercurio is on a mission to help people nail down their purpose so they can start living the fabulous life they were always meant to!

Danielle is a professional speaker as well as empowerment coach, comedian, astrologist, and yoga teacher. Being totally obsessed with self-help and entrepreneurship, Danielle utilizes these concepts to create awareness and clarity in a tangible, practical way. She's described as the ultimate "re-framer" while having a witty, down to earth approach. Danielle draws upon her own journey of self discovery and leaving her "safety net" behind to build a successful business and live a life she's in constant awe of.

Danielle has spoken across the country, empowering people back into their greatness by igniting their truth. She also started bringing comedy into the self-help space, with her one woman stand-up show, "Does This Make Me Look Spiritual?" and podcast series “Curiously Confident”.

She loves travel and new adventures, good food and conversation, reality TV, and being in the present moment. Danielle is currently based in Philadelphia.