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Opening Up Into The World

You’ve done SO much over the past 8-days and I truly applaud your devotion to this process. It’s now time to seal in this experience and create your full circle moment.

Begin by creating a quiet space and time to sink into the meditation experience. Have your journal or notebook with you. 

Once you've gotten your space quiet and ready, press play on and move through the meditation below!

Go back to your quiet space with your notebook and complete the following exercises.


Using your experience in the meditation, journal on the following:

+ What did it feel like to be back in the hallways from before? And the auditorium?

+ How did it feel to be on stage? Who did you lock eyes with?

+ What did you see in your projection 3 years from now?

+ How are you going to stay in your self worth and alignment to see it through?

+ What’s next for you?

Social Media Assignment:

Show us your higher selfie!

Part of making a #higherimpact is allowing the world to see YOU. Take a selfie (filter optional) and post it to a social media platform or in the Dream Maker's Group (scroll down for direct link).

Share why you’ll no longer let your soul live in treason or sell out to a life you think you “should” be living. It’s time to live life on your terms, in your way, and trust in the magic that will happen!



Share your #higherselfie in the Dream Maker's Group!


You have now completed #higherimpact! You freaking rock!  I can’t wait to see you up your visibility game, allow yourself to be seen, and receive for the worthy being you are.

Thank you for going on this fantastic journey with me! 


We RISE together!

A sacred space to share any insights you'd like to keep just between us!