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Spiritual Awareness

In the past few days, we explored what triggered your invisibility as well as why you may be seeking validation from the people you are not looking to serve or show up for. They might even been masking as the kind of clients you’re attracting or the romantic relationships you are in.

It’s important that you clear the space and the energy of the people and situations that no longer serve you. They do not need your devotion, time, or approval. By clearing the space from them, you open up so much room for yourself and what you are truly aligned to. Make a practice of reminding yourself why it feels so good to have your freedom.

A lot of spiritual principles and practices will teach that “abundance is your birthright”, to stay positive all the time, and that sending light to a situation will resolve it. While all of these concepts hold truth, it is not the full story.

There is a notion called spiritual bypassing, where we use tools like ‘artificial positivity’ to pass over a subject or wound that makes us feel uncomfortable. So instead of going within, we go without what we actually need in order to heal. This is why trying to manifest when you’re ignoring your deeper problems never really works out.

Again, it’s great to be positive and we should all be spreading more love and light. However if we don’t look at the bigger issues like we did on Day 1, then it’s basically like having a wishing well that also is being used as a trash can. Before you can make a wish, you’ve got to take out the garbage.

As taught in spiritual pop culture, manifestation doesn’t actually come from seeing 11:11 or noticing a sign. The numbers and signs are messages to remind you of what you are capable of and then you go down into your sparkling wishing well and radiate out.

Once you start to look at your old stories and clear the space so you can be yourself, that’s where the real, powerful manifestation can start to happen. Instead of desiring from a clogged, broken space, you are projecting from a fresh, clean one.

Notice the difference?

Go back to your quiet space with your notebook and complete the following exercises.



Think about a time you really wanted something and manifested it into form. Be honest in your responses.

• What was the process like?

• Did you feel like you deserved it?

• Were you positive the entire time?

• Did you have moments of thinking it may not happen?

Here’s the thing, it’s totally normal to have a negative thought and still manifest what you want. Or to have a bad day and doubt the process. The reason why you were still able to get what you wanted anyway, was because deep down there was a part of you that knew you were aligned to having it and worth it.

You know that saying, “What’s meant to be yours, will be?”  I fully believe that, however it’s solely dependant on your worth behind it as well as knowing it is possible from seeing it in other people like we did during Day 3.

And the only way to stay in alignment to our worth and manifest what we want is to keep our wishing well clean.

Now, let’s move past the freaking fluff....Journal out the following questions.

Part One:

• When was a time you felt guilty because you didn’t get want you wanted?  Did you judge yourself for not being more positive or trusting?

• Describe a time you were taken advantage of and instead of speaking up for yourself, you forgave the person from afar or in a meditation.

• When was a time that you felt better than someone else because you had a more enlightened perspective?

• Share a time you were super dependent on seeing signs, talking to psychics, and checking your horoscope to find out if your dreams were actually coming true. Would you still doubt it even after hearing the confirmation? How was this diminishing your own faith in yourself?

Part Two:

How were the moments above disempowering your mission and ability to show up as yourself? Was it coming from an aligned place of worth or attached to your old stories and needing validation?

Continue to journal it out….

How does everything you expressed make you feel now?  And how do you choose to move forward?



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