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Baby, You're Worth It!

It’s time to reclaim your worth and make those gorgeous wishing well desires comes to form!  When you take the time to clean out the gunk and toxic patterns, manifestation and getting what you want can be fun, easy, and super exciting!

The true key to making magic happen is when your core worth is completely aligned to your desire.

For example: 

My old story around dating was that guys couldn’t take me seriously. Because of my upbringing and perceived learning setbacks, I was constantly told that everyone was going to pass me by and I was going to be all alone if I didn’t become more responsible. Since I continued down the “unconventional” route, I believed I was a flight risk to men and not up to par.

Even though my wishing well contained everything I wanted in my dream guy, it was also filled with garbage around not being able to be taken seriously. Because of that, it dropped down my value and I could only seem to call in men that weren’t ready for a relationship. Once I realized this, I took out the trash and changed the story.

Expressing where I am responsible as an adult, how my man will appreciate my unconventional ways, and that I am capable of attracting a serious man. Now my wishing well has way more potential, my worth has increased and I’m aligned to meeting a man that is a true partnership.

Once I made this change, I instantly started matching with men looking for commitment and have been dating a whole new caliber of men! In moments it blows me away, however I know it’s because I altered my storyline and worth.

Go back to your quiet space with your notebook and complete the following exercises.



Now that you’ve elevated your awareness of your old stories and made the space for more, your worth is naturally more real. Knowing such, what do you believe wholeheartedly is in alignment for you to receive next?  

Part One:

• List it out, stating “I believe and I know” at the beginning of each sentence. Refer to your IDEAL LIFE list.

• Notice how you feel after writing each sentence. If it feels super ripe and juicy, then it’s ready to go! You will be actively bringing it to form just by being you. You don’t need to worry about being overly positive or walking on eggshells, you’re worth it and aligned, therefore it’s yours!

• If it still seems too far out, how can you bring it closer to home? Adjust accordingly until it feels like a stretch however very possible.  

This may be a new way for you or take some time to recalibrate to trust and flow in this fashion. If you get tripped up, remind yourself of what’s possible and focus on your clean wishing well.

Social Media Assignment:

For your social media assignment, share an experience of a situation or experience that went really well for you, especially when you didn’t think it would actually happen.

By openly and proudly communicating a scenario that had some ups and downs but ended well, you are subconsciously helping people understand what’s possible for them to. This is how you inspire and teach in a pure, authentic way! It’s not saying “my life is amazing and nothing bad happens”, it’s more of a “learned a lesson and found opportunity” moment.

You can showcase a picture of the location or even yourself (i.e. #higherselfie!).

Pick a platform to post this too and know that you can always share to the Dream Makers group.



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