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Your Ideal Life.

Welcome to the second day of #higherimpact!  

The first day was crucial for us to see where our limiting thoughts come from as well as to create a new understanding of who we surround ourselves with. Now, we have to accept the fact that while other people get to be in the spotlight, you deserve it just as much!  

Use what came up for you in Day 1 as a reference point for today.

Go back to your quiet space with your notebook and complete the following exercises.


Part One:

Establish your IDEAL LIFE list.

This essentially is how you believe life is showing up for you and what’s possible from that energy. Try not to over fantasize and stay in the reality of where you currently are with the excitement and anticipation of where you are heading next and every incredible thing that is legit coming your way in the span of a year.  

Also, don’t be afraid to notice your setbacks and where you need help (i.e. a personal trainer to stay accountable at the gym or someone to manage your taxes).

The list may go on for 3-4 pages! Don’t hold back! Expand upon suggested items. Bullet out and don’t be afraid of being redundant.

Part Two:

Set the scene.  

Focus on where you are living (location(s), interior design, type of home(s), amenities), travel opportunities (how often, for work/pleasure), what kind of food (fave grocery stores, if you drink, restaurant scenes) self care routines (makeup, skincare, exercise), the kind of community you surround yourself with (friends, co-workers, locals)

Part Three:


+ What do you do for a living? (be honest if transitioning out of a job)
+ How do you earn money? (factor current source of income and then expand).

+ Do you need to outsource help (VA, accountant, web designer, marketing team).

+ Do you have a team or partnerships?
+ Do you use social media?
+ In what ways does it make sense to promote your services?

Part Four:

+ What is your honest relationship with money?

+ How much do you make yearly/monthly? How are you managing your finances?

+ What do you love most about the way you spend money? And how you save it?

Part Five:


+ What is your love life like?
+ How does your partner support you?
+ And how do you support them?
+ Is it a team dynamic?
+ What is the level of trust and understanding?
+ Share some mutual goals as well as values.

Part Six:


+ What is your approach to life?
+ Are you laid-back?
+ Over-aggressive?
+ How would someone from the outside describe you?
+ Does that seem to be aligned?



Share your questions and insight in the Day 2 thread on the Dream Makers group.

I am SO proud of you for taking these deep steps forward and I promise it’s only going to get more expansive from here on out!


We RISE together!

A sacred space to share any insights you'd like to keep just between us!