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    Lately, things may have felt a little off.
    You know you're hungry for MORE happiness, peace, and calm.
    You know you should be less distracted outside of your life and have more of a connection from within yourself.

    And you’re doing you’re best. You’re immersed in spiritual growth, you’re drinking the green juice, and you’re even in a constant stream of inspirational memes on your social media streams.

    You know it should be easier to feel connected and in the flow, however there never seems to be enough time, moral support, or resources that seem to meet you where you are at. You know if you created the space and found the proper guidance some really amazing shifts could emerge and transform you into the alignment of happiness and clarity.

    Enter the ‘Off The Grid’ Getaway.

    An opportunity to step away from the noise of everyday life and sink into a place that let’s you unwind, release, and feel a renewed sense of peace + freedom.


    Hi love! I'm Danielle Mercurio. 

    If we haven't met yet, I'm a modern intuitive who found free-spirited happiness outside of the noisy voices of the world by simply listening to my heart. 

    However even in my own groovy lane of rocking a business I loved, I started to feel overwhelmed by the pressure to keep up - especially in these Instagram driven times.

    I knew I was starting to consume too much time on my technological devices and it was starting to cut into my spiritual practice, my personal confidence, and my ability to stay innovative + unique.

    I tried to cut back + set better boundaries however I still clung to my phone because it was my “support system”.


    I turned to spirit and was guided to a wooded cabin the week leading up to my Lunar return and I knew it was the perfect place for a digital detox. There was no wi-fi, no TV, nothing to distract me. I put my phone on airplane mode for 5 days. And after the first day of antsy awkwardness, something shifted. I felt FREE. It was this divine re-connection that I had been craving. A renewed sense of self-love. And the understanding that my anxiety wasn’t rooting to anything I was doing wrong, yet the attachment to a virtual source verse a God source.

    It gave me the self-assurance that I was complete, capable, and worthy and can inspire others to do the same in my own freaking way.

    Who knew just showing up could ever bring me so much calmness + joy. The meditation weekend has been really moving and has taught me things I will carry with me for a long time.
    — Lianne Hall
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    Join Us for the ‘Off The Grid’ Getaway Retreat

    A weekend with fellow Dreamers ready to get away from it all, slow down, and open up into their hearts and assess the guidance from within.


    This is a 3-day group experience. Set in a private retreat home in the Blue Mountain ridge of Central Pennsylvania, We'll come together to relax by:

    • Disconnecting from social media and learning to be truly PRESENT

    • Grounding in nature and receiving MESSAGES from Mother Earth/Gaia.

    • Peeling back the layers of attachment to find deeper CLARITY in who you are.

    • Cultivating CONFIDENCE through the permission to be yourself.

    • Allowing space & learning to ENJOY the flow of gratitude

    • Disconnecting from the outside voices & tapping into your team of SOUL guides.

    • Avoiding burnout, creating boundaries & the best SUSTAINABLE EXPANSION practices

    This elevating Women’s Weekend offers an opportunity to retreat from your everyday life, savor the present moment and to open to the invitation of deepest desires rising within you.

    Wake up to a peaceful setting with soul-nurturing meditations and nourishing food + drinks. Participate in guided soul-work explorations that are intuitive, authentic and liberating to help you gain clarity of how to show up for yourself, your intuitive guides, and your dreams. Groovy excursions, empowering yoga and soulful ceremonies to open you up beyond the doorway of your truth. You’ll laugh, learn, share and incorporate new ways of expanding your life in a way that feels aligned, successful, and true to you.

    All without the distraction of your phone + social media.

    This is for the one ready to step away from struggle and back into the heart. 

    Danielle has an ability to create harmony in any group, along with a smile, outgoing enthusiasm and sense of humor.
    — Cliff Montgomery

    When: Friday, September 6th to Sunday, September 8th

    Location: Among the Appalachians Mountains in Dauphin County, PA

    (25 minutes from Harrisburg Airport + 15 minutes from Harrisburg Amtrak station)

    All inclusive retreat package includes: Delicious healthy conscious meals + snacks cooked to your specific needs, speciality beverages, all planned programming, all-levels Kundalini yoga and meditation, Cacao ceremony, Astrology guidance, welcome gifts, and trip to a salt cave with transportation.

    Includes use of yoga + meditation props, oracle decks, essential oils, library, two fireplaces, outdoor space, hiking, and reserved Zen spaces for quiet time.

    Lodging is an additional one-time fee based on your specific room preference.

    The moment you connect with yourself, the moment you decide that you are not going to let your dreams fall to the wayside, is the moment you are empowered into something greater.

    Give yourself the gift of encouragement, passion, relaxation and rejuvination.


    Danielle Mercurio is incredibly intuitive while at the same time hilariously funny and very easy to talk to. She easily taps into your energy and can guide you from the perspective of your highest self, cutting through all the noise of the ego faster than anyone I have ever known. On top of all that, she is deeply thoughtful and uses her spot on intuition to provide clarity in all areas of your life.

    - Anne Marie Imperiale // Mindset Coach

    Not sure if you're ready?
    This experience is for you if:


    + You've wanted to connect with Danielle 1:1, but haven't been able to for financial reasons.
    + You find yourself longing for a safe space to just feel free and talk openly with other people that understand
    + You need someone to hold space for you to commit to going deeper and moving through personal blocks
    + You're ready to stop scrolling on Instagram & be able to trust yourself more clearly
    + You're ready to make yourself a priority & treat yourself to a proper detox + time off.
    + You've got huge dreams but are overwhelmed when it comes to where to start and making them come true.

    This is NOT for you if:

    + You have so much to offer and know you deserve a break, but you still need more time to be on your phone and watch what everyone else is doing.

    My time with Danielle reminded me that I am my own teacher. I am so grateful for the way she held space for me to step into the person that I’ve been wanting to become.

    • Carly Thompson // Intuitive Life Coach + Meditation Facilitator



    {3PM-4PM} Arrivals & Check-In + Lite Bites + Soulful Conversations
    {Afternoon} Welcome Meditation & Intentions  + Kundalini Yoga + Free Time to unplug
    {Evening} Dinner + Cacao Ceremony + Gong Bath

    {Morning}  Mindful Breakfast + Meditation + Connecting to your own Spirit team
    {Afternoon} Salt Cave + Visit to a Crystal/Metaphysical Shop + Lunch at organic cafe
    {Evening} Dinner + Beauty Rituals + Astral Travel Journey Relaxation

    {Morning} Meditation + Kundalini Yoga + Brunch + Free Time
    {Mid-day}  Connecting to Your Intuition + Setting Boundaries + Angelic Guidance Meditation
    {Afternoon} Closing Circle and Sweet Goodbyes

    Check-in begins Friday at 3:00PM and we conclude Sunday at 3:30pm. You are welcome to continue to use the retreat space until 4:30pm.

    Local hotel recommendations available should you wish to come in a day early to explore the area or stay another night after.


    One Single Queen Room with Shared Bath - $174 per night


    The only thing your Dreamin' heart needs for happiness has, and always will be:


    And you, my darling dreamer, are done trying to figure out this journey solo.

    You just found your dream place of support; saging, chanting & blessing you every light filled step of the way.

    You're exactly where you're suppose to be. And now it's your time to go even deeper.


    Choose to lead with your vision & retreat from your fear
    — Danielle Mercurio

    Danielle is the kind of person who isn't afraid to help you get honest with yourself, which a wonderful asset to her work. She strips away all that ego and helps you see the things you've been shying away from so you can embrace the real you. With Danielle's help, I've grown to understand myself a lot better. I cannot recommend Danielle highly enough, she is a magical being!

    Jaclyn Vosburg // Stamford, CT


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    ABOUT DANIELLE MERCURIO (the OG Intuitive Soul):

    Danielle Mercurio is on a mission to help people nail down their purpose so they can start living the fabulous life they were always meant to!

    Danielle is a professional speaker as well as empowerment coach, comedian, astrologist, and yoga teacher. Being totally obsessed with self-help and entrepreneurship, Danielle utilizes these concepts to create awareness and clarity in a tangible, practical way. She's described as the ultimate "re-framer" while having a witty, down to earth approach. Danielle draws upon her own journey of self discovery and leaving her "safety net" behind to build a successful business and live a life she's in constant awe of. 

    Danielle has spoken across the country, empowering people back into their greatness by igniting their truth. She also started bringing comedy into the self-help space, with her one woman stand-up show, "Does This Make Me Look Spiritual?" and podcast series “Curiously Confident”.

    She loves travel and new adventures, good food and conversation, reality TV, and being in the present moment. Danielle is currently based in Philadelphia.