You’re READY to inspire more people.
You BELIEVE you're meant for MORE than corporate. 
You TRUST your dreams are meant to become your reality.
You KNOW the things that light you up can & will light up the world. 

But you’re stuck in the pressure cooker of proving your worth, hustling for sales, & forcing success through systems and numbers that feel lightyears away from your heart’s original desires.


Hi love! I'm Danielle Mercurio. 

And if we haven't met yet, I'm a modern babe who found free-spirited success outside of the noisy world of entrepreneurial hustle by simply listening to my heart. 

The single most important resource I had along the way was: 


My dreams became a reality because of a group of like-minded souls I had to hold me accountable. Lead by our mentor Gabby Bernstein, we came together and rose up as a group. We were there for each other to overcome struggles & celebrate successes. There was never the weird energy of selling, proving, or forcing. It was this divine accountability, connection, and support, that gave me the confidence to expand. 

It gave me the self-assurance that I could share my greatness and inspire others to do the same.

That program, was Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

The moment you connect with your purpose, the moment you decide that you are not going to let your dreams fall to the wayside, is the moment you are empowered into something greater.


+ If you find yourself hopeless and overwhelmed...

+ If you're burnt out & disheartened by the 6-figure definition of success...

+ If you've detached from your original visions and desires in the name of credibility...

+ If you feel lost in the hustle & chaos of the systems, titles, numbers, programs, sales, & whatever else it is you're told you need to be a success...


I want you to know you're not alone.
And It IS possible to bring support, ease & Spirit back into your INSPIRED life.

Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital Course

Inspire others by what inspires you.


I teamed up with Gabby Bernstein to offer continued guidance around building your confidence and releasing your fears.

Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital is available help you navigate beyond the excuses and empower you back to your true self and divine purpose. The course offers a totally unique combination of deep-dive spiritual practices and practical business tools that will create massive expansion in your life and career.

During the course you will explore:

  • Finding BALANCE between a corporate job & building your business

  • Growing an ENGAGED following & COMMUNITY.

  • Peeling back the layers of fear to find CLARITY on your brand vs. your hobby

  • Cultivating CONFIDENCE & creating message that converts.

  • How to ALLOW space & flow back into your dreams for quicker fulfillment

  • Avoiding burnout & the best SUSTAINABLE EXPANSION practices

Spirit Junkie Masterclass is for the Soul ready to step away from struggle and back into the heart. 


Not sure if you're a Spirit Junkie?
This program is for you if:


+ You've wanted to work 1:1 with a mentor, but haven't been able to for financial reasons.
+ You find yourself longing for a safe group to just bounce ideas off of on a regular basis
+ You're ready to become unapologetic about accepting your divine purpose - and earning for your great work.
+ You're self motivated, but find yourself unable to push past a certain point in your business
+ You've got huge dreams but are overwhelmed when it comes to making them come true.

This is NOT for you if:

+ You have massively amazing ideas and know you are meant to inspire the world, but you still need more time to Netflix and chill.


Working with Danielle was a solid follow up to the SJMC digital course.  SJMC was so moving and inspiring and it provided me helpful tools to guide me on the journey to life as a light worker but I knew I needed more support.  Being multi passionate and having my mind blown by SJMC meant I felt scattered and unsure of how I could direct and focus my new found inspiration into something that reflected my core beliefs while supporting my children and I. 

Through this work, I was held accountable to the steps which led me to embody and embrace my unique expression as a lightworker.  It has multiplied my income, made me a more present mom and brought me the confidence to step out into the world and share my gifts.  I am now more prepared and in the space of allowing this experience to enfold and enjoying the process versus freaking out about how it will all work out.  

Gabby + Danielle is the perfect balance of juicy cosmic insight and practical balanced action steps.


Bridget Levens // Wellness Coach & Yoga Teacher

Spirit Junkie Masterclass Overview:

  • 8-modules offering a unique combination of deep-dive spiritual practices and powerful resources that get you into action and create massive transformation.

  • The course is 100% online, so you can take the program from anywhere, anytime, experiencing the intimacy and energy of the live event from the comfort of your own home.

  • Take the course in whatever format works best for you: Choose from or mix and match HD video, HD audio, and typed transcripts. PLUS there are worksheets you can fill out.

  • Join an amazing community of Spirit Junkies to connect with in a private Facebook page. This tight-knit, supportive and inspiring network will be invaluable to your life, your spiritual practice and your career for years to come.

  • Get detailed, step-by-step guides on how to turn your blog into a business, publish a book, lead groups, create digital courses and more!

  • 2 live group online trainings with Gabby! The first training will help you clarify your visions and clear the obstacles holding you back. The second will get you into action!

  • Receive concrete advice on how to craft the career you want — from some of Gabby’s most trusted experts in spirituality and personal growth!

  • Get lifetime access so you can return to the material and learn at your own pace. PLUS, new content is added regularly!

As a BONUS, you'll also receive complimentary access to the following resources from Danielle:

Astrology Business Planning Session. This program is everything you need to create a professional front + backend for your business. After utilizing SJM to leave my Corporate job, this 4-module experience includes everything I implemented to legitimize my business. It is the perfect compliment to Spirit Junkie Masterclass! (Value: $1049)

Soul Intuitive Biz Weekend. This all-day live event will transform the way you show up in the world. Learn how to exude your message with flow, ease, and passion so that people are dying to start working with you. Through exercises such as improv acting, visualizations, and on-the-spot networking, you'll learn how to communicate candidly, curate your OMG pitch (that doesn't feel sleazy), and take ownership of your career. By the end of the day, you'll feel confident in your presence and ready to stand out! Dates will be announced for locations in Philadelphia, NYC, and LA. (Value: $495)


Meditation Method Teacher Training. Two hour pre-recorded workshop for anyone who desires to explore entrepreneurship while being inspired and empowered to design a life and business that you are wildly obsessed with. Three soulful, smart and spiritual women entrepreneurs (myself, Amanda Frances + Andrea Crowder) who have experienced tremendous success share what it has been like to start and grow their own companies and take control of their own destinies. They openly share the tips, tricks, strategies, and systems they swear by -- from practical wisdom to the non-negotiable mindset required to make it in business. (Value: $197)


Higher Impact. A self-guided, 8-day immersion designed to support you as you ignite your confidence and shed limiting beliefs around how you show up in the world. You will learn why aligning with the crowds will never get you noticed - and simple practices that, when put into play, will amp up your visibility factor tenfold! (Value: $147)


There comes a point when you can no longer dance around your dreams and make the commitment to go ALL IN.


And you, my darling dreamer, are done walking this journey solo.

You just found your real life team of support; saging, chanting & blessing you every light filled step of the way.

You're exactly where you're suppose to be. And now it's your time to go even higher.


The Spirit Junkie Masterclass Investment

Register now and lock in $3,500 in bonuses! Choose the payment option that works best for you.


One-time payment of $1999

Twelve monthly payments of $192

You will be directed to SJMC sales page.

Registration closes June 20, 2019 at 7pm EST.

If you decide the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital Course isn’t for you, no worries!
We offer a no-questions-asked refund through July 5, 2019.

Choose to lead with your vision & retreat from your fear
— Danielle Mercurio

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Danielle Mercurio is on a mission to help people nail down their purpose so they can start living the fabulous life they were always meant to!

Danielle is a professional speaker as well as empowerment coach, comedian, astrologist, and yoga teacher. Being totally obsessed with self-help and entrepreneurship, Danielle utilizes these concepts to create awareness and clarity in a tangible, practical way. She's described as the ultimate "re-framer" while having a witty, down to earth approach. Danielle draws upon her own journey of self discovery and leaving her "safety net" behind to build a successful business and live a life she's in constant awe of. 

Danielle has spoken across the country, empowering people back into their greatness by igniting their truth. She also started bringing comedy into the self-help space, with her one woman stand-up show, "Gypsy Unplugged" and podcast series, "Gypsy After Hours".

She loves travel and new adventures, good food and conversation, reality TV, and being in the present moment. Danielle is currently based in Philadelphia.